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Giselle and I thought it would be a good idea to give you readers a better insight into the men we like to spend our time with. In this series, you will meet my husband Mangas, Giselle's husband Drachonus, and if we are lucky, Ariel's husband Timon. 

Meet Mangas

 Lily Turbo: Are you ready????
  Mangas Turbo: Ready...
  Lily Turbo: This is going to be a very serious, in depth interview...lmao
  Mangas Turbo: oh my the type I crave. LOL
 Lily Turbo: giggles
 Lily Turbo: Good
  Lily Turbo: How long have you been in SL?
  Mangas Turbo: shoot
  Mangas Turbo: since october of 2007
  Mangas Turbo: yeah
  Lily Turbo: That's quite some time!
  Mangas Turbo: yes truly
  Lily Turbo: What kind of adventures have you had since joining???
  Mangas Turbo: Adventures... hmmmm
  Mangas Turbo: like inworld or things that SL screwed up in RL
  Lily Turbo: Oh all SL
  Lily Turbo: inworld etc..
  Mangas Turbo: Ok, hmmm not much adventures...
  Lily Turbo: Nothing interesting ever happened???
  Mangas Turbo: Well lots of laughs, meeting people, the whole falling for someone process.
 Lily Turbo: No kidnapping plots? Wild orgy's? Anything like that?
 Mangas Turbo: LOL. No, I went to some naked beaches, a sex castle but mostly male avi with hardons
  Mangas Turbo: Oh... There were 2 experiences with a guys dressed as a girl
  Lily Turbo: hahahaha!
  Mangas Turbo: mostly it has been meeting people and then i started building
  Lily Turbo: What kind of things have you built and have you ever considered selling them?
 Mangas Turbo: i build unscripted weapons, shields, war hammers...
 Mangas Turbo: I have considered selling, but everytime i see some of the things ppl give away ... it fades\
 Lily Turbo: What do you like to wear? Any designer in particular that you like?
  Mangas Turbo: I like what you're wearin
  Lily Turbo: Sweety, I know you like to raid my panty drawer, but let's not tell everyone you like wearing it. hehehe
  Mangas Turbo: ha ha ha ha ha
  Mangas Turbo: Oooooooo
  Mangas Turbo: on my head
  Lily Turbo giggles
  Lily Turbo: Aside from my panties, what other clothing do you like wearing?
  Mangas Turbo: I like shirts with collars and cuffs, i like the options afforded by extra prims on pants and shirts, etc
  Mangas Turbo: no particular designer
  Lily Turbo: So you're a prim man. How about mesh, what are your thoughts on it?
  Mangas Turbo: mesh is fine but the shoulder the butt, legs.. it is strange you have to fit the clothes and they are rigid
  Mangas Turbo: you have to change to fit the clothes
 Lily Turbo: So we've established that you've been in SL for some time. Tell me about the relationships you've developed.
  Lily Turbo: Friends, lovers etc....
  Mangas Turbo: A Few Friends
  Mangas Turbo: the few were carefully selected and good even relationships grew out of it
  Lily Turbo: Ahhhh, so yes on the girlfriends part lol
  Mangas Turbo: I had one girlfriend other than that it was just dating
  Lily Turbo nods
  Mangas Turbo: dating one at a time though
  Lily Turbo: I hope so...lol
  Mangas Turbo: you are kidding right??
  Lily Turbo giggles
  Mangas Turbo: No... most guys feel if they are not partnered the have several girls... even sexually (pixelated)
  Mangas Turbo: some feel even if they are partnered that what she doesn't know won't hurt her.
  Lily Turbo: Ok, so you've had relationships, serious or casual dating. I would assume that at some point the sex subject has come up. Thoughts on it???
  Mangas Turbo: i have enjoyed intimate moments in times past.. but nothing with the ease that I feel today (present time)
  Lily Turbo: (good answer lmao)
  Mangas Turbo: I always felt like clumsy with the sex because many anims were so bad
  Lily Turbo: I know some people feel that pixel bumping isn't to their liking. How do you feel about it?
  Mangas Turbo: It is visually stimulating but not at a level that I needed to 'spank the monkey', choke the chicken, or slap little johnny behind the ears.
  Lily Turbo: LMAO
  Mangas Turbo: Kisssssss
  Lily Turbo: Ever been given a nickname?
  Mangas Turbo: Me? Naaaww. Mangas was bad enough. LOL
  Lily Turbo: I like your name
  Lily Turbo: Ok, last question
  Lily Turbo: What do you enjoy doing?
  Mangas Turbo:  i enjoy dancing - dancing incorporates a beautiful lady, I may have feelings about the lady, and great music... flirtation and good conversation not.... hi m8 brb, hb, wb, etc
  Lily Turbo: Any particular lady (fishing here) lol
  Mangas Turbo: Ha ha ha ha ha
  Mangas Turbo: Lily Rose Blossum, is there anybody else?
  Lily Turbo: I dunno, is there? lmao


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